Warming Mitts with heating pads

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Arthritis hand pain relief,manicures or just cold hands.Our Warm Buddy Warming Mitts have a removable inner heating pad.
They are the perfect compliment for many spa treatments.
Manicure and perfect if suffering with arthritis,depending on your needs you can use warm or cold therapy designed as
a medical device to relieve your arthritic hand pain fast and naturally..
Outer cover can be machine washed,ensure you remove the heating pads before washing and then dry on a low heat or air dry.

Arthritis hand pain relief

The heating pads go in the microwave for a couple of minutes,will give lasting arthritis hand pain relief
  • Why use Tylenol or Motrin, Advil, Nuprin -- Ibuprofen or any other over the counter pain medication.
  • When all our Warm Buddy products are all drug FREE,used for arthritis and for manicures.
Size Size: Length: 10.5'' (22cm) Width 5'' (13cm)
Weight .790KG (1lb 11 oz) per pair
Contains natural grains with peppermint and Lavender.
Washable Machine washable covers
Reusable Yes
Warm Buddy code 7004
**Remove heat packs before washing

Fabric choices:
Chocolate Swirl
Chocolate Swirl
Cream Swirl
Leopard swirl